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The Vault Self Storage
Vault FAQs
Moving In:

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Late Fees:

Other Fees:

Use of Space:


Moving Out:
You must have a valid state id or passport. You also need to fill out a rental agreement and pay for your first month's rent. We charge a one-time $15.00 administrative move-in fee and is applied even when moving in on a promotional special. The rental agreement term is month to month. 

You are responsible for buying your own lock and placing it on your space. We have locks available in the office. We highly recommend a disc lock to secure your space. You must keep your space secured at all times. If you fail to properly secure your space we will put a company lock on your space. If you fail to replace it with your lock we will put a new lock on the space and charge your account the cost of the lock.

When you move in you will be provided with a security code that will allow you entry into the facility. You must hit a * then your code followed by a #. The facility grounds are open 24/7 so as long as you have your code you can enter the facility whenever you like.

We only allow one person to sign the rental agreement. If you want to grant access to others, you may give them your security code and a key to your lock. Be cautious with your key and your code.

We offer insurance when you rent your space. If your homeowner's or renter's insurance does not cover your stored items you may want to consider buying insurance.

You have a choice of getting an invoice by e-mail, mail for $1.00 per month or you can select no invoice.

Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or ACH. We take Master Card, Visa, Discover and AMEX.  Your credit card and ACH charge can be set up as a monthly auto-payment. We do not allow partial payments.

We have a 10 day grace period for bill payment. After 10 days the late fee schedule is as follows:  Rental rate of $60.00 or less - $10.00 late fee.  Rental rate between > $60.00 and < $100.00 - $15.00. Rental rate of $100.00 or more - $20 or 15%, whichever is greater.

Returned check fee: $30.00. Over lock fee: $20.00. Claim fee: $20.00. Auction publishing fee: $10.00.

Your space is to be used for storage only. Hazardous and toxic materials are prohibited. You may not use the space as a domicile or a place of business. You may not modify your space nor may you connect electrical devices anywhere on the facility. Garbage disposal is not allowed on the property.

If you need to transfer to a different space you must rent the new space and move all of your goods before we can vacate your original space.

When you plan on moving out you must give us a 10 day written notice. Upon move out please come to the office and sign a vacate receipt.  You must remove all items from your space and leave it in broom swept condition.